The freakiest falling platform game ever conceived has arrived. Freaky Faller is an incredible falling adventure demanding razor sharp reflexes and a cunning mind. Experience the challenge of rolling through level after level of delightfully devious traps, collecting stars and discovering secrets.Unlock Side-scrolling bonus levels to spice up the action. Simple pick up and play controls, bright colourful HD graphics with a dash of old-school flavour, and addictive "one more try" gameplay make Freaky Faller the ultimate falling platform game.

Forged from the fires of a lifetime of classic 8 bit games, Freaky Faller is a seamless blend of endless falling style gameplay with the classic platforming genre perfected by such masterpieces as Super Mario Bros. 3. A new obstacle to overcome is introduced in almost every level, ensuring Freaky Faller will provide you with hours of falling fun!

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